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Gleann Mor Natural Capital has been set up with a singular purpose, to help put Nature at the heart of our economy. It’s only when we truly understand the monetary value of nature, that we can expect the world of finance and business to help take the lead in combatting both climate change and biodiversity loss.  

Who We Are

Born out of the experience of its founders and advisors, Gleann Mor encompasses 30 years of knowledge across  Investment and Capital markets, Ecological and Biodiversity Management; Thought Leadership and Strategic Media. 

It brings together a team with complementary skillsets understanding that today’s challenges requires a blend of expertise across a broad range of sectors that historically have not had to closely interact.

Eagle Flying


To help create a new economic model that’s built around nature and biodiversity, one which combines land and water management alongside sustainable food and energy production, with education and local community engagement at its heart.

Why Should We Care About Nature?

Every business on Earth relies on nature: from goods like food, timber, minerals, or fibre to services like clean air, water, soil, waste decomposition, and ecosystem services such as pollination of crops and climate regulation.


This reliance on nature may be very apparent or hidden deep in the value chain, but it's there contributing to business success and human livelihoods. 


Often those goods and services provided by nature are off balance sheet and assumed to be free but take these away and companies cease to function effectively. Operations become unviable, supply chains unmanageable, and relationships with employees and customers untenable. 

Fortunately the opposite is also true. Healthy nature fosters healthy business. The two should be symbiotic. When harnessed responsibly, natural abundance and regenerative natural systems translates into productive growth - both for companies individually and for the communities they serve more broadly. Business and finance, therefore, have a critical role to play in protecting and restoring nature.

Beautiful Nature
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