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We're proud to be a member of the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance (CBA), established by His Majesty King Charles III. We share in the CBA's mission to accelerate the transition from an extractive economic model, depleting nature and the environment we depend on, to a regenerative model, powered by and prospering in harmony with nature - a nature first economy - a circular bioeconomy. 

The James Hutton Institute offers independent, world-leading scientific solutions for the sustainable management of land, crops and natural resources that support thriving communities. ​With expertise in both natural and socio-economic sciences, their pioneering research is tested both in labs and at landscape scale on their farms. 


The European Nature Trust supports crucial conservation projects throughout Europe and beyond. We are are proud to support and work with TENT on its projects, which includes a FIRNS pilot for river catchment restoration in the Kyle of Sutherland.  

Gleann Mor Natural Capital has also been inspired by the work at Alladale Wilderness Reserve and indeed Gleann Mor takes its name from one of the 2 principle valleys at Alladale, which has been a pioneer in Nature restoration in the Highlands of Scotland for over 20 years. 

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Nature Positive is a leading international biodiversity consultancy that provides a wide range of expert services to support companies sustainable transformation. From Biodiversity Baselines and Footprinting to Supply Chain Risk Assessments, they play a vital role in helping unlock the commercial benefits of a nature-positive approach and using sustainability as a competitive edge.

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